Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week 17 Picks-It's All Over

Well, this is the last week of the regular season, and it's been a less than stellar season picking games here at Legends of Friday Night. Alas, we must finish the season. But...for my ATS picks, I did something a little different this week. I've given way to my assistant/girlfriend Kristi to do some celebrity picks this week. The only problem?? I somehow messed up my saved messages folder on Webmail so that it didn't save her email, and the King of Arguments only posted picks, not comments, so all I have for you is her picks, not her comments. Then, in straight up picks, I went a not so good 8-8 last week to bring my season record to 134-104-1. My pre-season picks record is now 145-93-1 after my first losing effort of the year, at 7-9. So, here are Kristi's against the spread picks, and my own straight up picks. Giddy Up!


St. Louis @ Atlanta (-15)
The Pick: St.Louis (ATS) Atlanta (Straight Up)

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (-10.5)
The Pick: Cleveland (ATS) Pittsburgh (Straight Up)

New England (-6.5) @ Buffalo
The Pick: New England

Kansas City @ Cincinnati (-3)
The Pick: Cincinnati

Detroit @ Green Bay (-9)
The Pick: Green Bay

Chicago (-1.5) @ Houston
The Pick: Houston (ATS) Chicago (Straight Up)

Tennessee (-3) @ Indianapolis
The Pick: Tennessee (ATS) Indianapolis (Straight Up)

New York Giants @ Minnesota (-6.5)
The Pick: New York Giants (ATS) Minnesota (Straight Up)

Carolina (-3) @ New Orleans
The Pick: Carolina

Oakland @ Tampa Bay (-13)
The Pick: Tampa Bay

Dallas @ Philadelphia (-1.5)
The Pick: Dallas

Jacksonville @ Baltimore (-12.5)
The Pick: Baltimore

Miami @ New York Jets (-2.5)
The Pick: Miami

Seattle @ Arizona (-6)
The Pick: Arizona

Washington @ San Francisco (-3)
The Pick: Washington (ATS) San Francisco (Straight Up)

Denver @ San Diego (-8.5)
The Pick: San Diego

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