Monday, December 8, 2008

NFL Week 14

Well...the picks are up really late, but they were done before the games started. You'll be able to tell when you see how terrible they are. I'm not sure how Barnes and I are doing against each other, but I think he's ahead of me by 8 or 9 games.


Oakland @ San Diego (-9.5)
The Pick: San Diego
I have no confidence in the Chargers, but lately they seem to be able to handle the Raiders pretty well. I could easily see this going the other way though.


Jacksonville @ Chicago (-6.5)
The Pick; Chicago
The Jags just want this season to end, and the Bears should have a renewed vigor after seeing the Williamses fall for the Vikes.

Minnesota (-8) @ Detroit
The Pick: Minnesota
There's a chance for a letdown, but AD isn't going to let that happen against the Lions I expect.

Houston @ Green Bay (-5.5)
The Pick: Green Bay
Another Packer pick I have very little confidence in. I hate when I have to feel that way, especially against the Texans.

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis (-13.5)
The Pick: Cincinnati (ATS) Indy (Straight Up)
They won't win, but I feel like they'll keep it close.

Atlanta @ New Orleans (-3)
The Pick: Atlanta
Matty Ice and The Burner...that's enough for me

Philadelphia @ New York Giants (-7)
The Pick: New York Giants
I'd be crazy to pick against this team right now.

Cleveland @ Tennessee (-14)
The Pick: Tennessee
If Josh Cribbs come in at quarterback, I say Cleveland covers. With Ken Dorsey, nope.

Miami v. Buffalo (-1) (At Toronto)
The Pick: Miami
Buffalo=the ship is sinking!!!! How many times do I have to say it??

Kansas City @ Denver (-9)
The Pick: Kansas City
I don't trust Denver covering 9

New York Jets (-4) @ San Francisco
The Pick: New York Jets
Brett better get back on track against the Niners after last week's debacle.

St. Louis @ Arizona (-14)
The Pick: Arizona
St. Louis has no chance in my opinion.

Dallas @ Pittsburgh (-3)
The Pick: Pittsburgh
I think the Steelers are a force to be reckoned with

New England (-5) @ Seattle
The Pick: New England
Seattle is just plain bad.

Washington @ Baltimore (-5)
The Pick: Baltimore
They have improved rapidly, and I'm cool with it.


Tampa Bay @ Carolina (-3)
The Pick: Tampa Bay
I just think the Bucs are a better team.

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