Saturday, November 22, 2008

NFL Picks-Week Twelve

Alright. Here are my picks for the week. I was a pretty good 10-5-1 last week straight up while my Against the Spread was a miserable 4-12. My straight up record though is 78-67-1 now. Not terrible...not great. Here are my picks this week. No gimmicks. Just hoping things go better than they have.


Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-10.5)
The Pick: Pittsburgh
A lot of times the visiting team wins in this series, but this isn't your average year. Despite what anyone says, the Bengals suck, and they won't cover.


Carolina @ Atlanta (1.5)
The Pick: Carolina
The Panthers have been shaky lately, and the Falcons are fuming after last week's collapse. So what do you do?? Whatever goes against common sense.

Philadelphia @ Baltimore (-1)
The Pick: Philadelphia
Baltimore's rush D is really good, despite what happened against the Giants, but they won't need it this week. Donovan "What's a tie?" McNabb pulls it out before overtime.

Houston @ Cleveland (-3)
The Pick: Houston
Brady's not ready for DeMeco Ryans and Mario Williams. Yes, I'm being serious.

San Francisco @ Dallas (-10)
The Pick: Dallas
My buddy Matt is down in Irving for his only trip to Texas Stadium, so I'll take the 'Boys even though I hate them.

Tampa Bay (-8.5) @ Detroit
The Pick: Tampa Bay
Detroit's going to get caught looking ahead to another wide receiver in the Top Five of the Draft. Oh wait...Millen's not there anymore?? No. I still expect the same.

Minnesota @ Jacksonville (-2)
The Pick: Minnesota
I don't trust either team and usually pick both wrong so everyone else should go with Jacksonville.

Buffalo (-3) @ Kansas City
The Pick: Kansas City
I said two weeks ago, I'll say it again. Buffalo is cooked. By the way...what happened to all of the people saying Trent Edwards should be MVP?? They've been awfully quiet lately. Also...I'll add that I just saw an unbelievable one-handed TD grab in the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game. My goodness.

New England @ Miami (-1.5)
The Pick: New England
Miami will finish above Buffalo but below the Pats and Jets. Belichick had 10 days to make up for the beating his boys took at Gillette. It won't happen again.

Chicago (-8) @ St. Louis
The Pick: Chicago
Steven Jackson's out. St. Louis loses bad.

New York Jets @ Tennessee (-5)
The Pick: New York Jets
Favre gets it done for the first time againt Tennessee D-Coordinator Jim Schwartz. He's thrown 4 picks and fumbled once in 2 starts against Schwartz defenses, but he gets them back in the worst way this week.

Oakland @ Denver (-9.5)
The Pick: Denver
I was very tempted to take Oakland, but I just don't feel like they can get it done.

New York Giants (-3.5) @ Arizona
The Pick: New York Giants
Kurt Warner won't be upright long enough to pass for 400 yards.

Washington (-3.5) @ Seattle
The Pick: Seattle
In Hasselback I trust this week

Indianapolis @ San Diego (-2.5)
The Pick: San Diego
San Diego favored by any margin is a joke to me right now, even if they have won their last 4 home games.


Green Bay @ New Orleans (-2.5)
The Picks: Green Bay
I've picked against the Pack twice this year. I've lost twice. Nuff said.

That's it. Go Pack Go

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