Thursday, November 6, 2008

NFL-Week Ten Picks

My picks this week will be based entirely on my iTunes. I'm going to play a song on my iTunes, and judging by which team I feel the song best fits and whether that shows the team in a positive or negative light will decide my pick. Also, straight up, I'm a miserable 68-62 while Barnes put a -5 on me last week to take an 8 game lead at 76-54. Man do I suck.


Denver @ Cleveland (-3)
The Pick: Cleveland
We Built this City on Rock and Roll-Jefferson Starship
This classic song can only describe the city of Rock and Roll, and for that reason alone, Cleveland starts off the Brady Quinn era with a win.


New Orleans @ Atlanta (-1)
The Pick: Atlanta
Become-Goo Goo Dolls
What the Falcons have become is a legitimate playoff contender. New Orleans has no defense and the Falcons will outscore them.

Tennessee (-3) @ Chicago
The Pick: Tennessee
Nothin' But the Taillights-Clint Black
The Titans are showing the AFC South and the rest of the NFL the taillights right now and just running away from everyone. When you have the NFL's leading rusher and leader in touchdowns, and it's two separate players...just wow.

Jacksonville (-6.5) @ Detroit
The Pick: Detroit
Just a Dream-Carrie Underwood
The Jags have to be thinking it's just a dream that their dream season is going down the drain so quickly. I could've said that the Lions are dreaming too because they never thought they'd go 0-for the first half, but I think it's more surprising to see Jacksonville at 3-5.

Baltimore (-1) @ Houston
The Pick: Houston
Rain-Breaking Benjamin
The hurricane rain has stopped in Houston, and the Texans have been great at home.

Seattle @ Miami (-9)
The Pick: Miami
Just Might Make Me Believe-Sugarland
Tony Sparano, Ronnie Brown and the efficiency man, Chad Pennington, are making Dolphins fans believe that this team could actually do something special. On a side note, I realized that I'm the Chad Pennington of touch football. My completion percentage is lights out, while my deep ball leaves something to be desired.

Green Bay @ Minnesota (-2)
The Pick: Green Bay
Everything I Do-Bryan Adams
Well...clearly I took this as a love song from the Pack to me or vice versa. Pack over Vi-Queens for the season sweep.

Buffalo @ New England (-3.5)
The Pick: New England
Wish I Didn't Know Now (What I Didn't Know Then)-Toby Keith
The Pats wish they didn't know that Tom Brady won't be helping them at all this season, but they do, and it's looking like they've come to grips with it finally. Also...mark my words. The ship is sinking in Buffalo.

St. Louis @ New York Jets (-8)
The Pick: New York Jets
Livin' On a Prayer-Bon Jovi
The Jets, and every Favre pass seems to be living on a prayer these days. Jets fans are praying for wins and less picks, and while, I'm not sure if the Jets can cover this spread, Bon Jovi says otherwise.

Carolina (-9) @ Oakland
The Pick: Carolina
My Last Name-Dierks Bentley
As soon as I saw this song come up, I thought of Hunt always picking Jake "Of the man" to pull out the win, so, clearly the Panthers will get it done.

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh (-3.5)
The Pick: Pittsburgh
Keg in the Closet-Kenny Chesney
One line says "We went to class just to pass the time, back in '89." So who was the better team in 1989?? Pittsburgh was 9-7 to Indy's 8-8. Clearly the Steelers will cover.

Kansas City @ San Diego (-15)
The Pick: Kansas City
Piano Man-Billy Joel
Names mentioned in the song are Paul, David, Bill and John. So which team has most of those names?? The Chargers have Center David Binn, Quarterback Billy Volek, and Safety Paul Oliver, while the Chiefs have Tight End John Paul Foschi, Wide Receiver Will Franklin, and Safety Jon McGraw. So...who gets the nod?? The Chiefs have one person that has two of the names. That's our clear winner.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia (-3)
The Pick New York Giants
100 Years-Five For Fighting
The ages mentioned in the song are 15, 22, 33, 45, 67 and 99. So who was better each of those years?? 15 years ago-1993-Giants win 11-5 to 8-8. 22 years ago-1986-Giants win 14-2 to 5-10. 33 years ago-1975-Giants win 5-9 to 4-10. 45 years ago-1963-Giants win 11-3 to 2-10. 67 years ago-1941-Giants win 8-3 to 2-8. 99 years ago, these teams didn't exist. So...Giants win in convincing fashion 5-0. Game over.


San Francisco @ Arizona (-9.5)
The Pick: Arizona
Bring it on Home-Little Big Town
Just from the title, I'll go ahead and take Arizona.

So, there you have it. I've resorted to allowing songs to pick my games. Go Pack Go.

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