Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NFL-Now We Go

Alright. After a near two month hiatus, I am back. That explains how I am with blogs. Obsessed with them for up to a month and then don't pay attention to them at all for that long or more. I apologize to all of my "dedicated" readers for not writing, but, lucky for you, I am back. So, with the NFL season starting tomorrow, let's get into this.
Here's what I did. I went on, went through each week, and picked a winner for every single game in the NFL season. Then, I tallied them up, and this is it. I figured that was the fairest way I could do it in terms of biases. That way I wouldn't be working a team toward a certain record. If you wanna know who I picked teams to lose to, I guess ask.
So...NFL predictions...comin at ya!!

AFC East
1. New England Patriots-12-4*
2. New York Jets-9-7
3. Miami Dolphins-7-9
4. Buffalo Bills-4-12

AFC North
1. Pittsburgh Steelers-9-7*
2. Cleveland Browns-8-8
3. Baltimore Ravens-4-12
4. Cincinnati Bengals-2-14

AFC South
1. Jacksonville Jaguars 12-4*
2. Indianapolis Colts-11-5*
3. Houston Texans-9-7
4. Tennessee Titans-7-9

AFC West
1. San Diego Chargers-15-1*
2. Denver Broncos-10-6*
3. Oakland Raiders-6-10
4. Kansas City Chiefs-5-11

Playoff Seeds
1. San Diego
2. New England (4-1 common games)
3. Jacksonville (3-2 common games)
4. Pittsburgh
5. Indianapolis
6. Denver

Wild Card
Jacksonville over Denver
Indianapolis over Pittsburgh

San Diego over Indianapolis
Jacksonville over New England

AFC Championship
San Diego over Jacksonville

NFC East
1. Dallas Cowboys-11-5 (1-1 head to head, 3-3 Div., 10-4 common games)
2. Philadelphia Eagles-11-5 (1-1 head to head, 3-3 Div., 9-5 common games)
3. Washington Redskins-10-6 (7-5 NFC)
4. New York Giants-9-7

NFC North
1. Minnesota Vikings-11-5
2. Green Bay Packers-10-6 (8-4 NFC)
3. Detroit Lions-3-13
4. Chicago Bears-2-14

NFC South
1. New Orleans Saints-10-6 (1-1 head to head, 4-2 Div., 8-6 common games, .496 strength of schedule)
2. Carolina Panthers-10-6 (1-1 head to head, 4-2 Div., 8-6 common games, .492 strength of schedule) (8-4 NFC)
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-9-7
4. Atlanta Falcons-7-9

NFC West
1. Seattle Seahawks-12-4
2. St. Louis Rams-4-12
Arizona Cardinals-3-13
San Francisco 49ers-2-14

Playoff Seeds
1. Seattle
2. Dallas (3-2 common games)
3. Minnesota (1-4 common games)
4. New Orleans
5. Philadelphia
6. Green Bay (head to head win over Carolina after both beat out Washington in NFC record)

Wild Card
Minnesota over Philadelphia
Green Bay over New Orleans

Seattle over Green Bay
Minnesota over Dallas

NFC Championship
Minnesota over Seattle

Super Bowl
San Diego over Minnesota

Wow. I picked Minnesota to play for the Super Bowl. That really pisses me off. At first I had Minnesota and Green Bay playing for the NFC Championship, but I decided that Seattle might be able to beat the Pack without all of the snow. I don't know though. No matter who advanced to the title game between Seattle, Minnesota and Green Bay, I don't feel any of them could compete with San Diego. Dallas is obviously a lot of people's favorite, but I just felt like the Minnesota defense would be able to shut them down. So, here it is. In February, come back and see how I did, and feel free to get on me for my terrible picks.


Zac said...

Jake are you serious? I can see giving the Bengals a 6-10 season but 2-14? Their kind of offense alone gives them 4 wins just based on the fact that at any point they can put up 50. Also, New England is still everyone's favorite. There is a 99% chance they at least make it to the AFC championship where then they can lose to either the Colts or the Chargers. Those are the only two teams with enough offensive firepower to keep up with them, b/c if you remember NE returns everyone but Dante Stallworth from the best offense EVER. So, while I don't think NE wins it all (I would give that to DAL), they definately go to the AFC championship.

Luke said...

Jake ... i like your NFL predictions and the fact that you went through EACH and EVERY single game to get your win-loss records is a great idea ... however, i must say that your system is flawed in one little aspect ... you have a norv turner coached team winning it all ... that will NEVER happen, haha ... peace