Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week Three NFL Picks

Alright. Week Three picks are in. After two weeks, this is easily my most subpar season ever for picking games. I've never had a losing record even for one week, yet I've done it two weeks in a row. Here's hoping I turn it around and beat Barnes.


Kansas City @ Atlanta (-5)
The Pick: Atlanta
It's kind of a high line, so I'm a little afraid to take the pick, but The Burner isn't even listed on the injury report, so I'm gonna say that he goes McFadden on the Chefs (does anyone else miss that Snickers commercial?? That's great, but who are the Chefs?? Great googily moogily...hahahaha) and handles business.

Oakland @ Buffalo (-9)
The Pick: Oakland
Buffalo will win the game, but the Bills don't blow people out. They don't have the offense to do it. They do, however, have the defense to stop McFadden enough to pull out the win, especially with him on a gimpy toe.
Tampa Bay @ Chicago (-3)
The Pick: Tampa Bay
Talk about being conflicted about a pick. Is Tampa Bay better than Carolina?? Isn't that what we're asking here?? I say yes. I could be wrong. And if I am, that'll only be the third time in three weeks I've picked the Chicago game wrong. At least I'm consistent.

Carolina @ Minnesota (-3.5)
The Pick: Carolina
Man, I don't feel good about this pick at all. I'm just praying that Jonathon Stewart can keep up with Adrian Peterson, and Steve Smith busts out in his first start of 2008.

Miami @ New England (-12.5)
The Pick: New England
Joey Porter spouted off that it would be nice to get their first win of the year this week. Soo...I'm thinking our boy Bill Belichick is gonna open up a can of whoop ass this week on the Fins.

Cincinnati @ New York Giants (-13.5)
The Pick: New York Giants
Most weeks and most games, 13.5 is way too much, but I think the G-Men will take out the toothless Tigers. 'Nuff said.

Houston @ Tennessee (-5)
The Pick: Tennessee
The Titans and their fearless leader Kerry Collins make it 3-0 this week. The Texans will be pumped up after a week off, but that won't matter because the Tennessee defense is very tough.

Arizona @ Washington (-3)
The Pick: Arizona
Last week I said that Arizona sucked, this week I'm saying they'll beat the team that took down New Orleans last week. I must be out of my mind. I haven't picked a Washington game right yet. Why start now.

New Orleans @ Denver (-5.5)
The Pick: Denver
The New Orleans secondary will get burnt over...and over...and over...and over...

Detroit @ San Francisco (-4)
The Pick: Detroit
The Lionesses come out of their funk, if just for one week.

St. Louis @ Seattle (-9.5)
The Pick: St. Louis
I just don't think Seattle's very good. I know St. Louis is terrible, and I said just last week that I'd never pick them again, but I'm just playing a hunch...with such a high line, is it really that unfathomable??

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-2)
The Pick: Cleveland
The Brownies put one in the W Column against the Fighting Flaccos.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis (-5.5)
The Pick: Jacksonville
This is usually a close game, and Jacksonville hasn't played very well so far, but there are two things I see happening. Jacksonville's run game has its first break out performance of the season against a Bob Sanders-less Indy D, and the Jags D-Line pummels the Colts O-Line. If Dallas Clark and Jeff Saturday play, I'm sure none of this will matter and Indy will roll. Ha

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia (-3)
The Pick: Philadelphia
Donovan looks good. Ben is injured. The Eagles seem to score a lot. The Steelers don't. I'm taking Philly.

Dallas (-3) @ Green Bay
The Pick: Green Bay
I picked against my Pack in week one, and I paid for it. Never again says your fearless forecaster. Romo's a hack. Don't be surprised though if TO has 180 yds receiving. Al Harris prides himself on being physical, but how physical can you get when the receiver is that much bigger than you?? Case in point...last year's Green Bay-Dallas game.


New York Jets @ San Diego (-9)
The Pick: New York Jets
The J-E-T-S can score against this team, and LT is not feeling too hot. I just don't like my Super Bowl pick at all right now.

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