Thursday, October 9, 2008

NFL Picks: Week Six

After an 11-3 week against the spread, this week really is the most important yet. There are a few challenging calls on the schedule, and I have to find out if, like the Chiefs win against Denver, I'm just a flash in the pan...making a move one week and falling back down the next. I'm hoping to be more the 2008 New York Giants (all 8 of their 2008 games) and put together a real underdog run here, but it's all up in the air at this point.

In my straight up picks, I ended up 9-5 last week, definitely respectable. Barnes was the same so he still leads me by two games in the season series, 42-32 to 40-34. Maybe this week I can overcome my little deficit.

Anyway, let's get right into it.


Chicago (-2.5) @ Atlanta
The Pick: Chicago
Atlanta had a nice little game against Green Bay last week. Matt Ryan was effective as a change of pace to Burner Turner's tough running. Unfortunately for the Falcons, Chicago doesn't have trouble stopping the run like the beat up Packers. Haven't heard about Matt Forte in a couple weeks...I say he goes over 100 on the turf. He'll probably have family there so he'll want to perform.

Miami @ Houston (-3)
The Pick: Houston
Houston played a great 58 minutes last week, but couldnt' get it done when it mattered most. This week, they take on Ronnie Brown, Ricky "I want pot so bad" Williams and the Wildcat Formation. I think the Texan D will put the team on their back, and whoever plays quarterback won't have to worry about blowing the game.

Baltimore @ Indianapolis (-4.5)
The Pick: Baltimore
Indy is in big big trouble. It's possible that those last couple minutes actually turned their season around last week, but I'm not counting on it.

Detroit @ Minnesota (-13.5)
The Pick: Minnesota
One of these weeks I'll say Adrian Peterson's going to run wild, and it's actually going to be true. So...this is the week!! PS-Detroit is still terrible

Oakland @ New Orleans (-8)
The Pick: New Orleans
This is a dangerous pick because NOLa doesn't have a great defense, but the Minnesota running game has been one of the best recently, and they didn't do that well last week, so I say Oakland won't either in this time of turmoil. Has Tom Cable been fired yet??

Cincinnati @ New York Jets (-6)
The Pick: Cincinnati
How can I pick against Brett's Jets?? Well...I guess by simply typing the other team's name. I just have a feeling that this is the week the Bengals put it together. They may even pull out the W. (Favre, please don't embarass me and beat them by 30...just win by 3)

Carolina @ Tampa Bay (-1.5)
The Pick: Tampa Bay
You have to be impressed that they lose their quarterback and are still in the game, especially against the NFL's number one offense. Yea...I just don't see Carolina putting up enough points. Besides, that Garcia guy is a pretty effective back-up, and have you seen his wife?!?

St. Louis @ Washington (-13.5)
The Pick: St. Louis (ATS) Washington (Straight Up)
Jim Haslett's had two weeks to make the team his own, and Washington has had a week to hear about how amazing they are. Any line under 11 I probably would have taken, but I'm just feeling hesitant for some reason. Damn me for picking St. Louis again...when will I learn??

Jacksonville @ Denver (-3.5)
The Pick: Jacksonville
Playing a hunch that the Jags go Larry Johnson (Week 4 not Week 5) on the Broncos this week and the Jacksonville defense puts on a display after Big Ben ruined their efforts last week.

Dallas (-5) @ Arizona
The Pick: Dallas
Time to take out the frustrations for Romo and TO. Arizona's gonna play punching bag this week.

Philadelphia (-5) @ San Francisco
The Pick: Philadelphia
I almost went with San Francisco and was going to explain that they had an emotional loss against New England and that Philly will be reeling after their loss, but no, I'm not going to do it. Philadelphia comes out fired up and plants the Niners.

Green Bay @ Seattle (-2)
The Pick: Green Bay
Are the Packers really to the point that they're underdogs to a team that has been blown out multiple times this season?? I say no. We'll find out. This may just be mindless rabble from a Packers fan, but I think if they can get their team remotely healthy, they're going to finish the season right where they need to, and no one will want to play them. Luckily, they play in the NFC North where they don't have to be great to stay in the race.

New England @ San Diego (-6)
The Pick: New England
First of all...only 9 guys total on the injury report for this game...must be nice. Second, the Chargers are reeling, and I don't see that ending. The Pats aren't the 2007 Pats, but they'll run their winning streak against San Diego to 5.


New York Giants (-8) @ Cleveland
The Pick: New York Giants
They are legitimate, and they are good. I don't think they'll lose a game outside the division.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Go Pack Go

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