Thursday, October 2, 2008

NFL at the Quarter Pole

The NFL season is 1/4 over for most teams, so it's time to take a look back at my preseason predictions and talk a little about how I and the teams are doing so far.



Buffalo: (Overall 4-0, My Pick 1-3) It's time for me to be honest. The Bills are the first team I ever loved, and every year I want them to do well. So what happened?? I picked them to break out the last two seasons, and it didn't happen. I got "Stop picking Arizona to win" syndrome and decided to be what I thought was realistic. Well, this is the year they turned it around, so I look like a fool.

New England: (2-1, 2-1) Nice. It only took me two teams to get a record right. I never would've picked them to lose to Miami, but I did predict a loss at the Jets. Oh well. I'll be honest though. I'm afraid they're in trouble.

New York Jets: (2-2, 2-2) Once again, I have the record right. Not the exact picks, but the record. I think they're going to end up pretty close to my 9-7 prediction. In Favre they trust.

Miami: (1-2, 2-1) I had a feeling this team would be much improved this year, so much so that they'd beat last year's win total in the first two weeks of the season. So it didn't happen. They are better though, and they have more wins left in them.


Pittsburgh: (3-1, 2-2) At this point, I think I underestimated the Steelers a little, but down the line, I think I'll be pretty close because this team just can't stay healthy.

Baltimore: (2-1, 1-2) I had no respect for the Ravens coming into the season. I felt like the defense was old and falling apart, and the offense was inept. Well, the offense is pretty inept, but the defense still looks pretty tough.

Cleveland: (1-3, 2-2) I clearly overestimated the Browns. It's not showing too much yet, but it will soon.

Cincinnati: (0-4, 0-4) Everyone told me I was a fool for picking them to win 2 games. Not looking so foolish at the quarter pole.


Tennessee: (4-0, 2-2) I knew the Titans would have a good defense, and I didn't trust Vince Young and their offense one bit, thus constituting my 7-9 pick. Well...the Titans have an outstanding defense, and Vince Young is out of the picture. Take notice NFL. The Titans are here.

Jacksonville: (2-2, 3-1) Jacksonville had a ton of injuries to start the season. Had I known that, I may have given them one less win, probably not, but maybe. They're going to turn it up I think, and, while reaching my pick of 12-4 seems unlikely, I still think they'll be right there at the end.

Indianapolis: (1-2, 2-1) Wouldn't you know it. The one game I said they'd lose in the opening three is the one game they've won. Ridiculous. This team is in trouble, and I'd be surprised if they get double digit wins.

Houston: (0-3, 1-2) I assumed this team would be much improved and hungry for wins. They may have shown me that in the close loss to Jacksonville last week. As for the 9 wins I predicted...fuhgedaboutit


Denver: (3-1, 3-1) The pick is right, though I'd have never picked them to loss to KC. I said they'd fall to a team that had them beat anyway, San Diego. Either way, the offense is impressive, while the defense is atrocious. 10 wins is still likely though.

San Diego: (2-2, 4-0) My Super Bowl champs lost more games in the first two weeks of the season than I said they would all year. Oi vey...They have looked pretty good the last couple weeks, though, and I'm not ready to jump off the bandwagon yet.

Oakland: (1-3, 1-3) I'm not too bad in this division. I've picked every game right so far for Da Raidas, but from what I've seen so far, I won't be surprised if they won't get the 6 wins I promised.

Kansas City: (1-3, 0-4) I knew they'd be bad, but they had an inspired performance last week that I never would've seen coming. Either way, I said they'd win 5, but I'd be surprised at this point if they win 4.

Playoff Picture:

My preseason picks in order were:

1. San Diego 2. New England 3. Jacksonville 4. Pittsburgh 5. Indy 6. Denver

Right now:

1. Tennessee 2. Buffalo 3. Pittsburgh 4. Denver 5. New England 6. Baltimore

All I'll say is Wow...Let's see how close this looks at the end of the year.



New York Giants: (3-0, 2-1) The Giants have been very very impressive this season. I didn't think they'd be really tough without all of the studs they lost on the D-Line, but they're doing work in the trenches and everywhere else. Job well done so far.

Washington: (3-1, 1-3) Wouldn't you know it. I've picked all four games wrong for Washington so far. Skins fans better hope that trend doesn't continue because I had them picking up the pace and finishing 10-6.

Dallas: (3-1, 3-1) Right record, wrong loss. Oh well. The Cowboys are a great team, but they appear headed closer to my 11-5 prediction instead of something better unless they shore up that defense.

Philadelphia: (2-2, 3-1) Didn't foresee a loss to Chicago. Everything else is in check. I just want to say, if there has ever been a better last place team, I would want to know who it is. This team could win in the playoffs, and may not even get there.


Green Bay: (2-2, 2-2) Well, I said they'd lose to Tampa Bay, so that was a good call, and my realistic expectations are paying off as of right now. I was wrong about why they'd struggle though. I thought Aaron Rodgers would struggle. Instead, it's been Ryan Grant. I hope he's not a one hit wonder because it would be a shame.

Chicago: (2-2, 0-4) Guess who was wrong about Da Bears?? This guy. The defense is back, and I didn't think it would be. If they just had an offense they could make a run like they did a couple years ago. For now, they're gonna put some heat on the Pack while Rodgers tries to recover.

Minnesota: (1-3, 3-1) Don't mind me. Just my other Super Bowl pick drifting off into oblivion. I've picked every game wrong for the Vikes this year, and being a Green Bay guy, I hope that trend keeps up.

Detroit: (0-3, 2-1) Was it that unrealistic that the Lions knocked off the 49ers on the road?? It was?? Oh...okay...


Carolina: (3-1, 2-2) Not bad with the Panthers. They look to be on a pretty good track toward 10-6 and the division title I promised them.

Tampa Bay: (3-1, 3-1) Look at that. I've picked every game right this season for the Buccos. I guess Jon Gruden just likes to prove that you really don't need a good quarterback to win.

New Orleans: (2-2, 3-1) I had a little too much confidence in the Saints' defense. Boy was that a mistake. If that unit doesn't pull it together, and fast, NOLa has no shot at 10-6. On another note, Drew Brees is amazing.

Atlanta: (2-2, 2-2) The internet world asks, "You actually thought Atlanta would win of its first four??" To which I reply, ever heard of Michael "The Burner" Turner?? I rest my case.


Arizona: (2-2, 2-2) Not bad, not bad. I decided to jump off the "This is Arizona's year" bandwagon this year, and it looks like it was a good choice. They're not great, but the thing is, no one in that division is. Here's the challenge. Can they hold true to my prediction and win 1 of their final 12 games??

San Francisco: (2-2, 0-4) I said the Niners would tie the Bengals as the worst team in the NFL this season. Doesn't look like it's going to happen because they have some young talent that's playing hard out in the Bay Area. J.T. O'Sullivan for Governator??

Seattle: (1-2, 3-0) I figured they'd coast through this schedule to take the number one seed in the NFC even though they're clearly not the best team. Well...I'm not sure they'll even win the division. They've been terrible.

St. Louis: (0-4, 1-3) I predicted they'd win 4. Unless Jim Haslett has some magic up his sleeve, this team will not win four games. Period.

Playoff Picture:

My preseason picks in order were:

1. Seattle 2. Dallas 3. Minnesota 4. New Orleans 5. Philadelphia 6. Green Bay

Right now:

1. New York Giants 2. Carolina 3. Green Bay 4. Arizona 5. Washington 6. Dallas

Even worse than the AFC. Out of my preseason 12 postseason picks, 5 would be in if the season ended today, and 7 of last year's 12 would be in. The NFL is a crazy world. I'll check in in the same sort of way after Week Eight.

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