Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leuthold Memorial Tournament - Day One Standings

Here are the standings for Day One, followed by a small breakdown by myself. The name is followed by # of points for the day, plus the bonuses that person is still eligible for.

1 Kevin Faigle 186 (Champ, Big Loser)

2 Wells Faine 180 (Champ, Big Loser)
2 Lauren Faine 180 (Champ)
4 Tony Falk 179 (Champ, Big Loser)
5 Brandon Lanquist 178 (Champ, Big Loser)
6 John Montgomery 177 (Champ, Upset)
6 Doug Steiner 177 (Champ, Upset, Big Loser)
8 Matt Fehr 174 (Champ, Big Loser)
8 Jake Kempf 174 (Champ, Upset, Big Loser)
8 Jeff Fitzwater 174 (Champ)
11 Ryan Calhoun 173 (Champ)
12 Justin Reichley 172 (Champ, Upset, Big Loser)
12 Andrew Logan 172 (Champ, Big Loser)
12 Rachel Hoops 172 (Champ)
15 Matt Rader 171 (Champ, Upset)
15 Anne Seiler 171 (Champ, Upset, Big Loser)
17 Anthony Tynan 170 (Champ, Big Loser)
18 Drew Curth 169 (Champ)
18 Matt Barnes 169 (Champ, Upset)
18 Eric Bookmyer 169 (Champ, Big Loser)
21 Mallory Myers 167 (Champ, Upset, Big Loser)
21 Kevin Hunt 167 (Champ)
23 Jake Young 165 (Champ, Upset)
23 Bethany Green 165 (Champ)
25 John Gray 164 (Champ)
26 Todd Schleucher 156 (Champ, Big Loser)

First, congratulations goes out to my Sports Director, Kevin Faigle, on leading after Day One. A big part of that is because he picked a perfect Southeast Bracket (100 points). That's no small feat considering it was the hardest to pick region for this group.

Morehead State ended up being a good pick for Upset Special after they took down a Louisville squad many thought highly of (avg. ranking: 13.4), but no one went with it, so no points to be found there.

Also, Big Losers took a big hit on Day One. Only 14 of 26 players still have a chance.

Finally, with half of the field somewhere between 170 and 179, there are still a lot of shake ups bound to happen.

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