Friday, March 25, 2011

Leuthold Memorial Tournament - Sweet Sixteen, Day One

The Sweet Sixteen has arrived, and in this tournament, it was just another day for the leader to change. There's been more roll over in this tournament than November in college football. I have a few things to discuss, but first...the standings (Remember, it goes: total points, points this round, movement in the rankings, bonuses still remaining)

1 Drew Curth 907 147 +1 (Champ)

2 Kevin Faigle 906 165 +7 (Big Loser)
2 Andrew Logan 906 165 +7 (Champ)
4 Brandon Lanquist 904 156 -1 (Champ)
5 Jake Kempf 902 156 -- (Champ)
6 Eric Bookmyer 900 156 -- (Champ)
7 Doug Steiner 891 126 -6 (Champ)
8 Matt Fehr 888 156 +9 (Champ, Big Loser)
9 Tony Falk 885 153 +8 (Champ)
9 Kevin Hunt 885 138 -5 (Champ)
11 Matt Rader 884 141 -4 (Champ)
12 Jake Young 883 147 +2 (Champ)
13 John Montgomery 881 144 -2 (Champ)
13 Lauren Faine 881 144 -2
13 John Gray 881 156 +7 (Champ)
16 Wells Faine 878 141 -5
17 Justin Reichley 875 132 -10 (Champ)
18 Matt Barnes 871 138 -2 (Champ)
18 Rachel Hoops 871 147 -3 (Champ)
20 Anthony Tynan 867 135 -3
21 Mallory Myers 866 147 -1 (Champ)
22 Jeff Fitzwater 865 129 -8 (Champ)
23 Anne Seiler 845 129 --
24 Bethany Green 834 126 -- (Champ)
25 Todd Schleucher 819 120 -- (Champ)
26 Ryan Calhoun 763 87 -- (Champ)

Okay, on to the analysis. Let's start with our new leader. I said Drew Curth could easily take over the lead, and he did, by the slimmest of margins.

I also said, Andrew Logan could make a big run toward the top if his lower seeded teams won. He lost an 11, a 14 and 2-16's and kept a 12, 13 and 2-15's...a difference of only 6 points, but it was his ordering that did it. The scary thing...a BYU win (he had the Cougars as a 16) likely would've given him the lead without problem because he was the only one to have them at that level.

Here's the thing to look out for. Logan and Kevin Faigle have been in about the same position most of the tournament. Their trend so far is to climb the rankings the first day of a round and fall back down on the second day. Does either one have the staying power this time around?? We'll see.

I wasn't completely right. I mentioned in the Sweet 16 preview that John Gray would be one of the players that probably wouldn't move much in this round. After a round of 156 points tonight, Gray is up 7 slots to a tournament-best 13th. Most importantly, as the only person to have UConn as his champion, if he can stay anywhere near where he is now, he could win the tournament with a Huskies championship.

Speaking of the championship, the West Region was unkind tonight. Four people lost their championship and most likely their chance to win the tournament, when Duke and SDSU went down.

As for the rest, 17 have Ohio State, 3 (Fehr, Rader, Hunt) have Kansas and Gray is tied to UConn.

One more bonus mention...Faigle and Fehr both still have Clemson as their Big Loser. Ohio State will need to lose to Kentucky to keep that possible.

That's all for now. Thanks for your loyalty!


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