Monday, March 21, 2011

Leuthold Tournament - Round Two Notes

Here are some interesting notes after Round Two.

Easiest region to pick: West (110.6 out of 116 possible per person)
Hardest region to pick: Southwest (73.8 out of 116)
Highest seed eliminated: Pittsburgh (15.42)
Lowest seed still playing: VCU (5.65)
Team giving the most points: Ohio State (820, 31.54 per person)
Team giving the least points: VCU (147, or 5.65)

There were four (4) perfect regions...Kevin Faigle, Matt Fehr, Eric Bookmyer and Andrew Logan all had the top four teams in the West region.
Two (2) people can still correctly pick the Big Loser. Kevin Faigle and Matt Fehr both have Clemson, meaning Kentucky would need to beat Ohio State in the Sweet 16, ruining 17 people's champion pick.

25 out of 26 competitors still have their champion pick. Kevin Faigle lost his with Pitt's loss to Butler.

Four (4) people have all four 16 seeds remaining (Brandon Lanquist, Andrew Logan, Doug Steiner, Jake Kempf)

A couple interesting notes about the tournament...
-There are as many teams from Richmond, VA (VCU, Richmond) left in the tournament as there are Big East teams (UConn, Marquette).
-If VCU and Florida State get wins in the Sweet Sixteen, it sets up the first 10 vs. 11 match in NCAA Tournament history.

A random Ohio University related tournament note...
-Ohio and Old Dominion are the only two (2) teams in NCAA history to get a win in all four college basketball tournaments (NCAA, NIT, CBI, CIT)


Monty said...

Doesn't Bradley also have that distinction?

John Champion Gray said...

All these stats you just threw out at me makes me wish I actually looked at the rules of this tournament before filling out my brackets. Oh well. Do I win if Thor.....I mean UCONN wins?

Jake Young said...

Good question Monty. I may have fallen victim to seeing a stat and believing it to be true without actually verifying it haha